Dreamer Comes True in Baldwin Park

The Legendary Tommy Dreamer, the Innovator of Violence among the Bar Wrestling fans in Baldwin Park, CA.

Tommy Dreamer surprised the Baldwin Park American Legion Hall and beat up the “Spirit” Squad World Order in a hardcore bar room brawl style beatdown with the help of Brian Cage and Jeff Cobb, two of the top superstars in wrestling today.

The Squad World Order stand ready in the American Legion Post 241.

When the “Spirit” Squad World Order made their entrance, we didn’t know who they would be facing off against. All we know is that Kenny, Mikey, and Nicky would make their spirit heard around the legion hall. And they did, very loudly.

Brian Cage came out only to be dismissed as an unposed threat to the threesome of the SWO. Jeff Cobb joined the party only to be sarcastically ridiculed by the squad. This all changed when Tommy Dreamer’s music hit, and the sounds of violence in the box of magic known as the American Legion Post 241 in Baldwin Park, CA erupted.

Brian Cage in “Extreme” Mode.

The Squad got blasted as they fell from their paradise of imagination and an extreme beatdown ran through the bar, led by Dreamer, Cage, and Cobb. Beer cans were smashed, alcohol rained down in the hot, steamy room, and trash cans were used to hit over the heads, spewing garbage onto the floor.

Back into the ring, The Squad got a shot on Tommy Dreamer, taking him down, isolating him from his two teammates in this six-man tag team match. Kenny, Mikey, and Nicky spelled out a smackdown on the innovator of violence.

A miscommunicaton between Squad members on the apron caused Mikey to Sunset Flip teammate Kenny in a cloudy situation after the use of a mysterious white powder misfired and missed Dreamer.

Jeff Cobb in the midst of the fight.

Brian Cage tagged the battle fatigued Dreamer. A series of lariats and takedowns brought the Squad World Order shaking to their core. Dreamer delivers a signature Dreamer Driver to Nicky* (*Ryan). Jeff Cobb hits the fatal Tour of the Islands sequentially for the 1-2-3.


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