Tam and Odis embrace peaceful San Francisco on their Engagement Walk

Tam and Odis are an international couple who just got married, and are having their engagement day in San Francisco. They are a traveling team, two documentary specialists, and entrepreneurs.

On this day, we started on Lombard Street, where the curvy road draws hundreds of landscape enthusiasts at a time. Love was in the air as the Tam and Odis vlogged their time in San Francisco, as part of their wedding history.

Next, we walked down a few hills to the Cable Car stop at Fisherman’s Wharf, for a second only, until striding to Columbus Street, where the Transamerica Building point toward the skies.

A few blocks later, we arrived at Pier 7 at the Embarcadero Center. The skies were clear, and an overwhelming three couples were in the process of getting married, engaged, or soon to be married, like these two.

Down the street, and over a freeway to the edge of the city, we found ourselves at the edge of the hill, just a few steps away from the San Francisco Bay, at the Golden Gate Bridge.

We concluded our photoshoot adventure on the hiking path at the toll plaza, where we took our final pictures, and then called a ride to take us out to dinner.

It was an amazing day when we got a lot of beautiful photographs taken in spontaneous fashion as love was embraced from one to another.

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