Bar Wrestling Opens its Doors to Ghosts and Ghouls

Bar Wrestling celebrated Halloween early with its spook-thrill themed show, featuring Abyss & Rosemary, Gangrel, Sinn Bohdi, Sage, Tyler Bateman, and many other creepy characters.

Fans of all ages enjoyed a fun-driven night of entertainment in the American Legion Hall in Baldwin Park, CA.

Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae, the World’s Cutest Tag Team, fought Decay to a losing effort, when Leray fell to Rosemary’s Death Valley Driver move, in a match that involved falling onto a pile of LEGOs.

Willie Mack picked up one of the biggest wins in his career, pinning Gangrel in a tough battle after a stunner.

Rocky Romero and Fenix had a potential Match of the Year in the opening match.

Many others involved in the event included: Brian Cage, Taya, Super Panda, LuchaSaurus, Rick Knox, and Nick Bonnano. Melissa Santos did ring announcing. Kevin Condron and Louden Noxious were on commentary.

The main event featured a monstrous five-on-five tag match featuring Hot Young Briley, Laura James & Heather Monroe (The Killer Baes), Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas (PPRay) facing against Funnybone, Tyler Bateman, Nurse Ratchet, Sinn Bohdi, and Sage, with Sage picking up the win as the sole survivor to kick off the month of Halloween.

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