Bad Dude Tito Wins United Wrestling Network Heritage Championship; Ends Peter Avalon’s Six Hundred and Seventy Two Day Run

The United Wrestling Network Heritage Championship is one of the most prestigious titles in Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, and was held by Peter Avalon for nearly two years. This championship represents relentless hard work, a motivated work ethic, dedication, and trust, within the United Wrestling Network.


Peter Avalon defeated YUMA on February 22, 2015 for the championship. Since then, Avalon successfully defended the title against some of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood’s finest superstars, including Scorpio Sky, Brian Myers, Big Duke, Sasha Darevko, Suede Thompson, Eli Drake, Evan Daniels, and many more. This will be the second time Bad Dude Tito challenges Avalon for the championship, after an interference by DJ Hyde cost Tito the first opportunity, allowing Avalon to keep the title.

Since the new year, Avalon walked into the Oceanview Pavillion as a beloved hometown hero, and since, turned and aligned himself with DJ Hyde, The Classic Connection, and CWFH Executive Producer Niko Marquez to form “The Office.”

Bad Dude Tito and Peter Avalon are two of the most overwhelming fan favorites in Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. The fans show respect and support for both of them, and they are vocal about it.

Tito’s chase for the gold has given Avalon’s Office obstacle after obstacle. In a no-ropes match Tito fought to blood to take out The Office’s ultra-violent superstar, DJ Hyde.

The week before RCR, The Classic Connection joined Avalon, DJ Hyde, and Niko Marquez in a beatdown on Tito, leaving him motionless in the ring.


Bad Dude Tito proved his resilience by dominating Peter Avalon on the day of the Heritage Championship title match at Red Carpet Rumble. Tito back Avalon into a corner and mauled Avalon, with no room to breathe. Tito lifted Avalon into the air and caught him with a high slam and pinned Avalon to become the new United Wrestling Network Heritage Champion.

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