Championship Professional Wrestling on Father’s Day

Supreme Pro Wrestling is a lovely wrestling promotion in the heart of Sacramento, CA. They run shows every fourth Sunday of the month, with easy to purchase tickets, food vendors, and passionate wrestlers and wrestling fans. Supreme Pro Wrestling is one of the most developed promotions in the California area and has a legacy of hard working athletes.

SPW hosted a grand event on Father’s Day this year, starting at around 4:45pm, with eight matches, and free food for all fathers in attendance.

JR Kratos main-evented with Joe DeSoul for the SPW Heavyweight Championship, which also kicked off the show with a confrontation after DeSoul and Mike Millerick talked trash to Kratos. Kratos closed the show holding the SPW Heavyweight Championship after successfully defending it.

Pat Fitzpatrick defended his SPW X-Treme Championship against Jeckles the Jester in a brawl around the SPW Arena. The match included shenanigans from a small person that distracted Jeckles, allowing Fitzpatrick to retain the title.

Many stars, such as Sir Samurai, Drake Frost, Scoot Robertson, Virgil Flynn III, D-Torch, Ethan White, Journey Fatu, Airon Skye, and more performed on the show.

JD Bishop and his son, RJ Bishop had a successful pair of matches; RJ won the SPW Tag Team Championship with Mustafa Ali, and JD won a number one contender’s match for a future heavyweight championship match. The trio celebrated their victories on the ramp after being chased off by chair swinging Rik Luxury and Will Roberts.





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