Comedians Performing Wrestling is A Must-See

Last Saturday, a group of comedians came together and hosted an event of epic hilarity – Jakked Wrestling Comedy – produced by Jason Wayne Christian. I was brought down by Tyler Davidson to photograph the show. Not know what to expect, I got there early and luckily saw the two, with Jesse, on the sidewalk by the door. After going to get some food and doing prep work for the show, as I sat there and listened and anticipated what was going to go down at the show.

Once we got back to the Pack Theater in Los Angeles, CA, we went backstage. I took out my camera – my backup camera – (I showed off a Hasselblad to establish the look of a professional photographer). Backstage had about five dozen people in the space of the back of a pickup truck.


I quickly got my stuff, snapped some shots, talked to Jon Talwar for a moment, and headed to the wrong stage – waited for their film festival to finish –  went back to the dressing room and was guided to the correct entrance to the theater stage.


I missed what looked like a great improv set.


Jason Wayne Christian took stage, announced by ring announcer, Erika “Country” Curry  – who was also performing in the first matchup of the evening – along with commentators: “The Human Tackboard” Leroy Patterson, Dino Winwood, and Stephen Perlstein.


Curry took on “Bad Roommate” Erin Bounds in the first match of the evening against in a reverse bra and panties match, with referee Good Chan. This was the highlight for me, even though it was the first match of the event. I saw two beautiful women start out in their underwear and fought to put clothes on the other. This was a masterpiece that should be seen by all wrestling fans because of its psychological intricacy and magnificent performers.


In the second match, Ty Matthews managed Big Nasty Eric Watts to face Ultima Perrita in a ladder match, with ref Evil Chan. Perrita came out and talked about her plans to obtain the Certificate of Victory. Though she was on much of the offense through the match, Watts was not worn down nearly enough for Perrita to climb up and grab the winning certificate. Watts threw Perrita onto the wall with vicious velocity and snatched the Certificate of Victory without having to tip toe.


After losing the match, Ultimo Perrita came back out with a kendo stick and attacked the host, Jason Wayne Christian.


Sasquatch came out and also attacked Christian.


Sasquatch and Katana Tambourine were schedule to face each other. Tambourine came out with lots of energy and fought to her exhaustion, getting in probably hundreds of shots to Sasquatch. Sasquatch clobbered Tambourine and mounted her. We thought Tambourine was done, but she got back to her feet and grabbed a headlock. With Sasquatch spinning around, Tambourine held on and took Sasquatch down in a heroic victory.


Erika “Country” Curry announced that it was time for the main event.


The referee – Blind Benny.


The main event was White Oak Jr vs Mr Cool the Air Conditioning Repair Man in a Deforestation Match, where the loser would have their legs shaved. In an even physical match, Oak Jr and Cool performed a heartfelt story of emergence in the reality of nature, all in between trying to get a blind referee to count the winning fall. This main event was  fought with the rights to defend the earth and all its glory. Mr. Cool the Air Conditioning Repair Man won with a low blow in front of referee Blind Benny, which allowed him to deforest the leg hairs of White Oak Jr.


In a group effort, Jakked Wrestling Comedy successfully kept their crowd entertained throughout the entire night.


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