A Day At The Cow Palace

May 6th. The day of the Cow Palace show for All Pro Wrestling. I was ready to work; cameras ready, slept, and kind of unsure what was going to happen, but I knew what I was supposed to do and how long the event was. I got there at noon to see everything get set up and get some footage of the people who got there early. I got Markus, Levi, AC, and a couple of others, and I also ended up running around the building for a good workout and filmed it for others to see.


I got to see Markus’ family hang out around the ring and his kids jumping inside the APW ring, which was cool because they love wrestling and they were having a blast. We took a picture in the ring, and I went off to film some more.

Sometime during the filming, my lens dropped because the release button on the H6D was too close to the lens, and the piece crumbled and the camera stopped working so I panicked and ended up relaxing and not doing anything for the most part of the show. I told Markus, and he wasn’t too mad at me, but I felt disappointed for not being there for the main part of the day. I ran around trying to get a replacement, but non one in the building helped, and the camera that I did get from going back to the city died when the main event started. I hope others were able to get the shots that I would have gotten because I have high expectations of them.


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