Pro Wrestling Audience in Port Hueneme Gets Blood

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood has one of the most dedicated and heartfelt audiences in all of professional wrestling entertainment. The Port Hueneme, CA crowd in the Oceanside Pavilion of Performing Arts Theater is cheerful, vocal, demanding, and loving.

On the event of Coastline Clash, the Championship Wrestling From Hollywood audience was chanting for blood. Through the Tag Championship match, the Heritage title match, the opener, and maybe even the women’s match, the audience screamed in unity that blood was what they came here to see.

In a month long build to the match, fans saw DJ Hyde orchestrate a grueling obstacle course for Bad Dude Tito from week to week.

The week before Coastline Clash, Tito faced Combat Zone Wrestling Champion Joe Gacy – a match where the ropes were untied by Peter Avalon, and used to beat Tito. This would set up a no-ropes match between Bad Dude Tito and DJ Hyde.

Almost every member of the audience were on their feet as the ring was bare and the Championship Wrestling From Hollywood competitors made their way down the stage.

Tito started the offense when he dove from the CWFH stage onto a standing DJ Hyde. DJ Hyde threw a chair at Tito, and the blood began to drip.

The audience was stunned in surprise and quickly realized that their hero, Bad Dude Tito, might be in pain.

DJ Hyde pressed and slammed Tito over his head from the inside of the ring to the outside. As Tito laid tiresome, a pool of blood filled around and on the table.

In the ring, Hyde misses his brutally famous lariat. In the finale, Tito lifts Hyde, with red cells spewing from his face, and power spins Hyde over his shoulder and down onto a bare wooden ring.


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