Marty Scurll Breaks Referee’s Hand; Prolongs Guerrilla Warfare Match

In the Reseda Street Fight, Marty Scurll viciously threw a metal garbage can at Rick Knox – missed a ducking Chuck Taylor – and knocked out the referee.

Scurll, picked up a full bag of white powder, and walked towards Taylor. The intuitive Taylor, knew what might in Scurll’s hands, kicked them, and knocked the handful into Scurll’s eyes, blinding him.

In the vanity of the Reseda Street Fight, Referee Justin Borden visited the fighting field to revive fallen referee Rick Knox. Scurll, unbeknownst where his villain might be, grabbed the hand of Borden and held him by the fingers. Scurll then snapped off the left hand of the referee, and did the same to the right hand, many times through.

Taylor shoots a firemans and tosses Scurll over onto a pool of thumbtacks.

Referee Borden was on his knees panting in agony as the heroic Kentucky Gentleman, Chuck Taylor’s early attempt to eviscerate Scurll went uncounted.


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5 thoughts on “Marty Scurll Breaks Referee’s Hand; Prolongs Guerrilla Warfare Match

  1. You should do a little research and find out Why the crowd boooos and harasses Justin. This “article” makes us sound like heartless assholes.


  2. You’re still wrong. The PWG crowd turned on Justin when he robbed Candice of a win years ago. But that’s okay, you’re new 😉


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