Boyce LeGrande Uses Fake Blood to Win First Blood Match

Boyce LeGrande and Synn had a long rivalry, which started when LeGrande hid under the ring in a Pro Championship Wrestling Championship battle royal – and coming out at the very end to eliminate Synn, that ended most recently, by the champion, Legrande, in a questionable first blood match.

The match began ad a handicap match, and Synn was already fighting with an unfair advantage. LeGrande’s stablemates: Lucian D. Light and Pro Pain made it tough for Synn to get any offense in.

Synn would be able to knock off all three of his opponents in this no disqualification match, busted open Pro Pain in the process, and continue to fight throughout the Oroville Municipal Auditorium in Oroville, CA.

The fight blasted around the concession stands, merchandise tables, and rows of seats in the audience.

Toward the end of the match, a table was brought out and a referee was taken out. Synn went for a power bomb and a girl from ringside, who was ring announcer for the event, climbed into the ring and struck Synn between the legs.

She handed LeGrande a bottle, which looked like a red ink of some sort. LeGrande smeared the bottle over Synn’s face. The referee turned around and saw Synn’s face covered in dripping red, blood-like ooze, and called the match, declaring Boyce LeGrande the winner.

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