Steel Cage Set for The Cow Palace

The Cow Palace hosted many legendary professional wrestling performances in the last century. On May 6th, it will be the home for All Pro Wrestling

The venue is in the San Francisco area – 2600 Geneva Ave (Daly City, CA).

A Steel Cage Match will be headlining the event. Fought between two of the most prominent professionals in the business today – the grandson of a plumber, from Marietta, GA, known as dashing, undashing, and mustachioed; and the star that left them in the dust, The Artist Formerly Known as Cody Rhodes, and Hollywood’s Own” – with movie star good looks and rock star charisma – Joey Ryan.

With Cody – one up – on Ryan, Ryan attacked Cody after a match months following. That night, an announcement was made that a rematch would take place at The Cow Palace, on May 6, inside a steel cage.

The Cow Palace is a sought after arena to host an event in the Bay Area, with its steep price, and production cost to run a stacked card. Markus Mac, owner of All Pro Wresting – after the passing of grandfather Roland Alexander, is shaping the The Cow Palace Royale to be a premium event.

Other matches include:

The APW Tag Team Championships are being defended by The Classic Connection against Lion Power.

A San Francisco Death Match is being fought between “God of War” JK Kratos and Jeckles the Jester.

Sean Waltman

John Hennigan

A Cow Palace Battle Royale! And much more…

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